Our offer is primarily based on the original Highland beef from our own farm.

Our menu is created according to the Slow Food philosophy, based on the royal Highland beef, without preservatives, artificial colours and flavour enhancers.

We breed Highland cattle on a wild and free basis for the purpose of the restaurant, in order to source the best quality meat and serve it to our guests.



Our restaurant is a heart of Highland Conference Hotel.

This is where we are serving our legendary steaks, ossobuco or Highland beef ribs. Thanks to always fresh, seasonal ingriedients and our expierience and gained skills we get the best taste.

The very core of our cuisine is the beef from our ecological breeding of Highland cows. We are not afarid of challenges.
We present to you our free range chicken dishes and vegetarian and vegan dishes with pride. To get the best results we implement new cooking solutions and oriental spices of a world cuisine. All of this works with our slow food and eating healthy filosophy.

We do it all on our own. We bake cakes, bread, cookies.nIn here your remind yourself your childhood tastes.
We are not using any chemical ingriedients, conservatives or synthetic pigmentations.

Thinking of all the above we have gained the "healthy zone" status.
Please visit us.


Highland Beef dishes.


Our royal Highland beef its a product that comes straight out of our ecological breeding.

On the the fields and pastures surrounding the object live arround 30 Highland cows. We always wanted to create a unique product based on Highland beef, that is why we have made, a wide range of dishes - from steak to brawn.

We are not using a lot of spices - just a tiny bit is perfect to extract natural taste and aroma- so fresh herbs, salt and pepper is enough.
Special ageing machine Dry Ager is providing the highest level of final product, extracting aroma and natural, original taste. In there we age Highland ham to create special dished based on matured beef, T-bones, ribs, and a beef jerky. 

It is not an easy job to cook Highland beef properly, and it takes a lot of time and precision to reveal it's secrets but if you do it you can fuse it fantastically with arround the world tastes and quisine. 









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