Team-building activities are first and foremost building an employee team.

- Outdoor games or evening activities strengthen the already existing bonds in the team.
- Creativity in problem solving and competition planning. Execution of projects and competition.
- The capacity of individual team members to accomplish common goals.
- This is the mission of each of the following proposals, that we will organise ourselves or with the help of a specialised company.



































During your stay at Highland Conference Hotel, we offer a range of unforgettable experiences.


We will make sure to fulfil any of your plans! We’ll propose a range of creative solutions.

Project examples:


Regardless of the weather the activities can take place outdoor or under the roof of our hall, all year round

- "BumperBalls"
- "Cheerful Olympics"
- "Goldberg's Machine"
- "AngryBalls"
- "The Making of a Music Video"
- "Controlled Talks"
- "Mafia Games"
- "Carnival in communist Poland" DJ, Canoeing



- Karaoke, Zumba
- Culinary workshops
- Whisky and wine tasting
- Bartending show
- Photo Booth
- Disco fever & DJ
....and much more.










We accept

ASIC, BLIK, V-Pay, contactless payments using
smartphone/ smartwatch


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