Celebrate unique moments with your loved ones without thinking about quality of of the dishes and the whole ceremony. We will provide the highiest standard of our services and we will take care of every detail.

You can organise baptism party, Holy communion party, birthdays, anniversaries and a garden party. Another advantage gives us acces to a lot of green fields and nature, ideal for relaxation far away from the town's noises. Highland Conference Hotel is a ideal place for your party near Warsaw. If you dream of unusual scenery, delicious food and a wild party, contact with us today to book your date and set the details.


Unique menu and restaurant

We understand that food is far more important than the atmosphere during the party. Healthy, unique and based on ecological products menu is half of the success. What makes us different from other restaurants is our qusine based on our highland beef from our breed. Surrounded by meadows is an advantage that allows us to breed the highland cows according to "Wild and free" principle. When making our dishes we use natural, seasonal products. We don't use and conservatives or other substances. We cooperate with nearby farmers. But that's not all! We produce our meats, pates, and also bake bread and cakes so your party will be full of delicacies.


Out of town party - a lot of space and entertainment

Family celebrartion is not only a evening party but also contains some enetertainment. A lot of green fields can change into relaxation zone. You can relax in our court with a glass of wine in hands and freshly baked bread sticks - italian snack from our furnace. Nice and warm evenings allows, a long countryside walks with family and friends. In the summer our outdoor swimming pool will coold you down.
Bartender show or crazy night with DJ - that's the way we party.


Accomodation and free of charge parking

A lot of our customers acknowledged how important is accommodation place near the restaurant. We know that parties could last till morning so after hard night you can lay down in your room and rest. Healthy breakfast and warm coffee in the morning is a good occasion to recall stories from last night party.

There is a free parking spot for every guest staying in our facilities.









We accept

ASIC, BLIK, V-Pay, contactless payments using
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