The cuisine is based on the royal Highland beef from our own farm.

  • Our exceptional menu is prepared with great care, without the use of preservatives, artificial flavour enhancers, semi-finished products or the microwave. The original cuisine - which is based on the Highland beef from our own ecological farm - is diversified with fish, seafood and poultry dishes coming from a free range.
  • Our menu is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  • Following the philosophy of the Healthy Zone, we pay extra attention to the quality of the food we serve. We use only reliable sources and suppliers. We do not use processed food and ready-made spices and believe that salt, pepper and herbs are enough.
  • We prepare our own sausages, meats, pâtés and smoked fish.
  • We bake different kinds of breads and buns.
  • We bake cakes and cookies.
  • We prepare marinades, jams and traditional preserves.
  • The vegetables, seasonal fruits and eggs are provided by the befriended farmers.
  • The old apple orchard feeds our guests all year round.
  • We have our own water filtration system.

























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