What makes us unique

What makes us unique?

We are the only place in Poland, which for the purposes of the restaurant, runs an ecological breeding of Highland cattle. That way we can fully control the process of production and preparation of our meat.

The twenty-four hectares of meadows surrounding our complex, provide the perfect conditions for an ecological breeding - living in the wild and in harmony with nature and consuming that what the meadows produce.


In order to satisfy our own culinary curiosities and to create a unique product we conceive dishes ranging from the ‘Royal Steak’ to the ‘Canny Tongues’.


Our restaurant offers a range of Highland beef dishes, including steaks, ragout, ossobuco, ham, stir fry, roasts and roulades. We also offer a range of soup bases and sauces as well as cold appetisers such as carpaccio, tartar and pâté.


The ‘Dry Ager’ cabinet used for seasoning beef, ensures an even higher level of the final product - bringing out the aroma and the naturally refined taste. In the cabinet we age among others the ham (used to create unique dishes from long-matured beef), t-bones, ribs and beef jerky.


Preparing this type of meat can be a challenge, but once you discover it’s secrets it allows for a fantastic fusion with the flavours of the world.



































The entire facility is a Healthy Zone - a place where we promote healthy food and seasonal products from local suppliers.


We do not use artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers - fresh herbs, salt and pepper are enough. We bake our own breads, cakes and cookies. We prepare sausages, bake pâtés and in autumn produce marinades and preserves.


We take full advantage of new technologies in order to decrease our ecological footprint. The energy we use is supplied by Photovoltaic panels. What’s more the entire facility is heated by heat pumps. We try to limit our plastic consumption.


Following the principle "Wild and free”, the long-haired, semi-wild cattle from the Scottish highlands remains outdoors, all year round. That makes them a perfect attraction for all of our guests.










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