Highland Beef Festival

Highland Beef Festival - Barbeque!

It it time to start barbeque season. And if you want to do it right start with Highland Beef Festival! 
Who's there not waiting for a grilled meat with smoked aroma.
If you think about a steak in the shadow of the trees in our restaurant garden it makes you feel happy. 
And if you add nice family atmosphere - there is nothing else you need.

Please visit us on different than usual Highland Beef Festival outdoor.
The whole event will be held in 

Main courses:

Georgian chaczapuri - a warm pancake straight from the oven - with long aged beef  34 PLN

Asian style sweet and sour beef (Highland) with rice noodles  42 PLN

Italian cannelloni with Highland beef in Bolognese style 37 PLN

Beef Stir Fry - ranch style - with rice 42 PLN

For children - Italian style - Queen Margherita 21 PLN


Additionally, on request:
Traditional beef tartare with add-ons  35 PLN


Festival branch 27.02.2021, from 1pm to 7pm
Limited number of seats, please contact us in advance to reserve a table
It is possible to arrange an individual arrival time


Possibility of staying overnight after the tasting:
- double room with breakfast X-X.X.2021, 269 PLN
- double room with breakfast (to be used by a single person) X-X.X.2021, 199 PLN


We sincerely invite you!
Do not miss the next Highland Beef Festival.
We look forward to seeing you!
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