Jacuzzi, Sauna

A place to relax in an old orchard - direct contact with the natural surroundings, the scent of blossoming apple trees or the wonderful view of red, ripe apples brings you perfect peace.

Our sauna sessions accelerate regeneration of the body. The combination of a session in the hot, dry air and cooling body treatments intensifies your metabolic rate, reduces skeletal muscle tension and increases tissue extensibility.

The soothing hydro-massage Jacuzzi loosens up the body bringing relief to tight muscles. The relaxant action reduces the effects of stress, promotes relaxation and regeneration.

Using the Russian bath has a beneficial effect on the body. Alternate use of hot and cold hardens the body and strengthens the immune system. It also has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. Heating and stimulating microcirculation in the skin causes intense sweating and thus promotes the removal of waste products and toxins. The Russian bath relaxes, brings relief after a hard day and allows you to recuperate quickly.



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