SPA offer

JOY OF LIFE Multistage treatment with a special, vitamin-herbal products. Delicate, comprehensive and regenerating treatment made for the weakened skin. It's an amazing injection of positive Energy (90 min.) 160 PLN
FEEL YOUNG Conditioning facial treatment dedicated for delicate and mature skin. It's a quick cure that will improve flexibility and smoothness of your skin using the essence of barley grass and hyaluronic acid (45 min.) 140 PLN
ENERGY KICK Conditioning facial treatment dedicated for mixed type, greasy and dull skin. It's highly recommended for smokers. It's a cure that will give a vital look to your skin, revitalise and will make it shine again. For a perfect oxidation we use the essence of guaranas caffeine and the pink pepper oil (45 min.) 140 PLN
RELAX & DREAM Conditioning facial treatment dedicated for a dry and dehydrated skin that need regeneration. Our perfect mix of oils and vitamins will not only improve flexibility and smoothness of your skin but will also work against dehydration (45 min.) 140 PLN
BEAUTY FACE A firming facial, neck and décolleté massage completed with a nutritional algae mask (45 min.) 130 PLN
HAND BATH Detoxing hand bath with a hand massage (30 min.) 60 PLN
SPA RITUAL FOR HANDS For smoothness and flexibility and improved skin tone of the hands. Hands are bathed in rose petals to prepare them for a delicate peeling. The application of a properly selected serum of nursing and nutritional ingredients that improve skin tone and condition nails will be preceded by a gentle, soothing hand massage with aromatic oils. (60 min.) 130 PLN
FOOT BATH Detoxing foot bath with Moringa butter massage (30 min). 70 PLN
SPA RITUAL FOR FOOT A highly moisturizing treatment, soothing and refreshing the foot with simultaneous relaxation of the whole body. A refreshing, aromatic lime and mint salt bath, combined with creamy peeling with added sweet almond oil to make your feet regain their velvety softness and become silky smooth. Soothing and oxygenation of tired feet. (60 min). 160 PLN
CLASSIC A classical therapeutic massage (30 min.) 120 PLN
MAGIC A relaxing massage for the whole body (45 min.) 140 PLN
AROMA Body massage with essential oils (45min.) 140 PLN
SERENITY Combination of classic therapeutic massage techniques relaxing-loosening, dedicated to future mothers. It reduces back pain, counteracts swelling (30 min.) 120 PLN
SCRUB MASSAGE A combination of two treatments: aromatic peeling and gentle body massage (30 min.) 130 PLN
CHOCOLATE DELIGHT Massage with genuine 100% chocolate, shea butter and cocoa butter. It has strong anti-cellulite action and reduces excess body fat. A real treat for body and soul (45 min.) 160 PLN
CHINESE CANDLES Specially developed for this purpose a candle containing beeswax, shea butter and pure essential oils is used to ensure the skin remains wonderfully hydrated, incredibly smooth and soft (45 min.) 150 PLN
BAMBOO MASSAGE Gentle massage with bamboo is incredibly soothing and relaxing, it can also have a draining and modeling effect - perfectly removes tension and toxins accumulated in the body (45 min.) 150 PLN
SPA RITUAL The idea that we held on to when creating this unique program assumes that humans are an integral part of nature and subject to its laws. We offer 12 rituals whose themes will be harmonized with the attribute of each month for a weekend at the Spa. The Ritual wellness weekend will allow you to achieve the perfect harmony between body and soul, induce a state of deep relaxation and a sense of inner comfort. The Spa Ritual includes: relaxing massage, peeling, mask and balsam (55 min.) 160 PLN
HARMONY A firming head and neck massage with detoxing, herbal compress on face. (30 min.) 110 PLN
LYMPHATIC MASSAGE Lymphatic massage recommended for oncological patients. (30 min.) 130 PLN
BUSINESS LOOK Conditioning treatment with massage and mask. (45 min.) 120 PLN
SMOOTH HANDS Conditioning hand massage completed with paraffin treatment. (45 min.) 70 PLN
MANAGER RELAX Cleansing and regenerating Whisky massage. (45 min.) 160 PLN
KINESIOLOGY TAPING Treatment for your muscles and joints that will normalize your tonicity and activate your lymphatic system using a special plaster. 50 PLN



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