Highland Beef Cattle

Highland Cattle beef is very high quality. It has a marbled structure and is finely veined. The taste and color is similar to game - it is very tender and flavorful!
Due to its unique taste, the Highland’s meat is sought after in the market by connoisseurs, chefs and restaurateurs, as well as by people who care about healthy and ecological nutrition.

The quality of this meat can be attested to by the fact that the British Royal Family breeds a large herd of Highland Cattle near Balmoral Castle for their own kitchens.

We use a nearby abattoir with many years of experience, whilst the dressing and maturing of the meat takes place in our own cold store. The Ranch has its own smokehouse on site.
Our kitchen prepares special marinade for the meat and then creates our wonderful signature dishes.

The unmatchable taste of Highland Cattle Beef, confirmed by eminent experts in the art of cooking, can be sampled in our restaurant!



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